Signs that you may need help with controlling your anger‚Äč
  • Do you often have intense arguments between you and your loved ones or friends?
  • Do you easily lose control of yourself?
  • Do past anger and misunderstandings with other people still haunt you up to now?
  • Do you get angry and frustrated when waiting in line?
  • Do you get annoyed and call people "dumb" or "stupid" when they don't do things right, are always clumsy, incompetent, or prone to errors?
  • Do you get angry at yourself whenever you do something bad or when you lose control?
  • Do you find it hard to forgive people who have hurt you?
  • Do you find yourself at night lying on your bed just thinking about the things that have upset or caused you pain during the day?
  • Do you get so angry to the point that you have forgotten the details of what had happened like the things you said or said to you?
  • Do you get frustrated a lot?
  • Do you get depressed when things don't go the way you planned or expected?
  • Do you get mad, upset, or frustrated to the point that you experience headaches, stomachache or become weak?
  • Do you use alcohol or drugs when you are angry?
  • Do people have a tendency to stay away from you or get scared whenever you are angry?
  • Do you say things when you are in a bad temper than you later regret saying?
  • Do you have problems in the workplace because of your anger?
  • Do your family and friends think that you have serious anger management issues?
  • Are your family, social life and other aspects of your life negatively affected due to your rage?
  • Do you often get into trouble because of your bad temper that sometimes it leads to legal problems?
  • Do you have feelings of revenge to those people who have done you wrong?
  • Do you hit people or break things within your reach whenever you are angry?
  • Do you have thoughts of killing somebody you have become so angry with?
  • Do you have thoughts of killing yourself?
If you answered yes to most of these questions, then it is time to seek professional help. Being angry is normal, but being too angry too frequently to the point that it is ruining your life is not at all normal
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If you have identified one or more of the above symptoms as creating difficulty in your life, call me to complete a brief phone intake and/or to schedule an appointment.